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Protection of personal data

The protection of personal data is an important matter for Siemens Stiftung. Consequently, we conduct our business activities in compliance with applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data and data security. The information in our Privacy Policy will help you understand how we collect data, how we handle such data and to whom we make it available, if required.

Privacy Policy

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Conditions of Use


All the details and information on our Internet sites have been compiled with the greatest-possible care. However, the foundation Siemens Stiftung cannot warrant that they are correct, complete and up-to-date. If reference is made by this site to Internet sites operated by third parties, we do not assume any responsibility for the content of said sites.


The content, design and structure of this Website are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. Information or data (text, photos, graphics, sound, video or animated files) on the Website may not be used in any manner, in full or in part, without the prior written consent of the foundation Siemens Stiftung.

Use of press photos and videos

Press photos and videos may only be used for editorial purposes. The rights of use and exploitation under copyright law belong to the foundation Siemens Stiftung, Munich, unless a different originator is expressly stated. All copyrights remain undiminished if the photos are incorporated either electronically or manually into an archive. Photos used for editorial purposes, modified, duplicated and/or electronically altered must bear the credit (© Siemens Stiftung). Commercial use or sale of the photos, even in electronically manipulated form, is prohibited. The photos may be published, used in films or electronic media free of charge, but please notify us briefly for our records. In the case of print media, we would however ask you to contact us for permissions. Email us at:

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