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LA ESCUELA___ is an artist-run platform for radical learning and collective making in public spaces. We understand art as a form of knowledge production, and education as an artistic practice in itself. La Escuela seeks to bring learning and art to everyone by partnering with universities, institutions, and communities to create formative projects in public spaces throughout Latin America. La Escuela is rooted in a long genealogy of Latin American artists and educators who seek to bring education closer to real contexts, so as to learn and act on them. Through public learning, we propose a transdisciplinary program where diverse forms of practices coincide through the transformative capacity of education.

LA ESCUELA___ is a platform for free and open access education. Our roving campus is located online and on-site through a hybrid system of digital laboratories and classrooms that take place in public spaces. We develop formative projects—performances, interventions, or multiple manifestations—that transcend institutional walls and bring creators, schools, and localities together in the construction of knowledge. The calendar is organized into semesterly periods, during which public programs are developed in collaboration with affiliated institutions and guest scholars who define the curatorial axes of each semester. Our community is a translocal network of Latin American artists and educators, building an archive of collective research and contemporary art. We hope to inspire social action by mapping the legacies of artist-run practices and collective-based educational models in Latin America and placing them in a global context.

LA ESCUELA___ is founded by artist and architect Miguel Braceli and the international foundation Siemens Stiftung. It is based on Siemens Stiftung's initiatives in the cultural field in Latin America—developing co-creation programs and artistic interventions—and Braceli's work within social practices and public art. As a result of the concerns that emerged in his experience in education—both as a student and a professor, inside and outside of Latin America—Braceli produced an essay in response to the current state of higher education in arts.

«Schools must be naked, all their walls demolished to keep their structure, leaving only what is essential. They would then be buildings without facades, fully exposed to reality. They would get wet, dirty, and impregnated with their contexts; they would shake without collapsing, they would inhabit experiences that would redefine their meaning. The challenge of educational spaces is to get closer to reality without replicating it. This requires the transformation of the internal structures of the academic world and then a break with the structures of the external world. Schools should not emulate the art system and replicate its dynamics for the theoretical exercise of the profession. Education must provide the tools to create alternative models of artistic practice; create new forms of legitimation, new spaces for action, and new structures of emancipation.»

Miguel Braceli, The Naked School, 2020.

The drawings presented on this page are authored by the artist Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe and are part of the series: Kamie ya uriji pi jami Parawa ujame theperekui uriji terimi thepe komi kua (Where I live in my jungle and in the Orinoco River also live all these animals). 2018 © Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe. All copyrights reserved.