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The Ivy Plus Libraries Include LA ESCUELA___ in its Digital Archive

The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation of the United States has selected LA ESCUELA___ to be included in its Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art Web Archive. This Archive is an initiative developed by art and architecture librarians at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities, and the Universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania. The project aims to preserve websites belonging to selected notable contemporary Latin American and Caribbean artists in order to assure the continuing availability of the important content they hold.

This inclusion will provide public, online access to an archived version of website, which will be stored in a long-term preservation system, and which will be available to students, researchers, and scholars through this library archive system.

La Escuela___ celebrates this intercultural networking initiative which resonates with its open-access and collaborative approach to research and education. We are committed to continuously expanding our database of resources on Latin American art and education, which is readily available through the Archive space.