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Handel Guayasamín

Knowing How to Be, to Do and to Celebrate




06/14/2023 18:00

In this AUDITORIUM session, Handel Guayasamín shares with LA ESCUELA___ an approach to the thinking and works of his studio Handel Guayasamín, Arquitectos, through the defining conceptual axes that place it within the context of the region and over time (years 1980-2020). Their creative experience, the academic experience, the social experience, the human experience, the technological experience, and the life experience.

Handel Guayasamín in his office. Source: Revista Clave.

Handel Guayasamín (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1951) is an architect and professor. Executive director of the Network of Latin American Architecture Biennials (REDBAAL) and the Oscar Niemeyer Award for Latin American Architecture (2012-2016 and 2018 to date). Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts (FADA) of the Universidad Católica del Ecuador (1994-2019), where he was director of the Architecture program (2011-2014). Guayasamin is recognized for his conceptualization of the architecture of the native peoples of Latin America in his contemporary works, which integrate local references in tune with the territory. He proposes an architecture for both humans and the gods, inviting thought and exploration of non-rational languages. His work encourages a reconnection with the land, to be critical of architecture, and to transform it with a sense of Latin American belonging.

“TO BE in the sense of identity, TO DO in the sense of a craft, and TO CELEBRATE in the sense of the ritual, of religiosity.”

Handel Guayasamín
Handel Guayasamín: “MarAmar” project. Apartment building in Tonsupa, Esmeraldas (2007).

Online lecture
Wednesday, June 14, 2023
6:00 PM (GMT -4)
Via Zoom