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Ricardo Basbaum

Some Collective Collaborative Situations




04/20/2022 06:00

In this AUDITORIUM session, Ricardo Basbaum shares with LA ESCUELA___ his reflections on the complexities implicit in the relationships that arise in the process of making a participatory artwork, and how the insertion of questions, obstacles and doubts destabilizes the process of reading what is traditionally understood as art.

Ricardo Basbaum: "Constructing the Self Collectively." Conversations, La Escuela___ (2021).

Ricardo Basbaum (São Paulo, 1961) is a Brazilian visual artist and writer, known for his experiments and research on art as an intermediating device between the sensorial experience, sociability, and language. His work, characterized by the use of diagrams, drawings, and installations, transforms exhibition spaces into knowledge devices that personally and collectively question the agents that participate in them.

"The word art and the word education have an intrinsic redundancy. When talking about art in the most advanced and broadest sense of the word, I understand that the term education is placed in an ellipsis. It is not necessary to bring it in either because I think the most interesting situation is when provocations from the art field overlap with questions from the educational field."

Ricardo Basbaum
Ricardo Basbaum: “Would you like to participate in an artistic experience?” (in progress since 1994). Brígida Baltar's participation. Verão Vermelho, Brazil, 1997. Photograph: Participants of the project. Courtesy: Ricardo Basbaum.

This lecture by Ricardo Basbaum at the AUDITORIUM of La Escuela___ it will include a conversation panel moderated by Mônica Hoff, guest scholar at La Escuela___ for the 2022—I semester.
This event will be held in Portuguese; a recording will be uploaded afterward with English subtitles.