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Online Seminar: Collective Reticulárea


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05/14/2024 — 05/23/2024

Sparking from a revision of the works and pedagogic practices of the Venenezuelan-German artist Gego, LA ESCUELA__ proposes an artistic and educational cycle of programs aimed at reactivating and projecting her ideas into the future, now linked to collective processes and social practices which offer a contemporary perspective from contemporary artists and researchers from Latin America.

Collective Reticulárea: Communal Cartographies.

Installation at Sala Mendoza, 2024. Photo: Josseline Chalbaud.

Within the frame of the Collective Reticulárea: Communal Cartographies project, La Escuela___’s will host an online Seminar in its AUDITORIUM. The program invites artists, curators, and researchers to engage in dialogues and to share experiences that revolve around collective artistic practices, spatial explorations, and situated practices based on local territories.

The Seminar is developed in alliance with Sala Mendoza and Fundación Gego. It will feature lectures by Mónica Amor, Carolina Caycedo, Vered Engelhard, and Miguel Braceli; a conversation panel with Álvaro Sotillo, Gabriela Fontanillas and Ruth Auerbach, and another with Costanza de Rogatis, Analy Trejo, Diego González, Gustavo Izarra, and Alba Izaguirre. The programming also includes the screening of Fly with Pacha, Into the Aerocene, a film directed by Tomás Saraceno and Maximiliano Laina.

Session 1

Mónica Amor
Lecture: Ser es Tejer: Notas sobre la Reticulárea de Gego
10:30 AM (Venezuela Time)

Miguel Braceli
Lecture: Territorios formativos
11:15 AM (Venezuela Time)

Session 2

Vered Engelhard
Lecture: Movimiento reticular: hacia una ética de la forma
3:15 PM (Venezuela Time)

Carolina Caycedo
Lecture: Destellos en la Tierra
4:00 PM (Venezuela Time)

05.17.24 and 05.25.24

Fly with Pacha, into the Aerocene
Maximiliano Laina and Tomás Saraceno
11:00 AM (Venezuela Time)
at Sala Mendoza

Session 3

Costanza de Rogatis with Analy Trejo, Diego González, Gustavo Izarra and Alba Izaguirre
Conversation panel
11:00 AM (Venezuela Time)

Session 4

Álvaro Sotillo and Gabriela Fontanillas with Ruth Auerbach
Conversation panel
11:00 AM (Venezuela Time)

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