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Gustavo Ciríaco

Where the Horizon Moves


Buenos Aires, Argentina


11/20/2022 — 12/04/2022

Formative project developed in alliance with the Departamento de Artes del Movimiento of the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA), El Asunto de lo Remoto – performance program – and Fundación Andreani in Argentina.

Gustavo Ciríaco: "Onde o horizonte se move" [Where the horizon moves" (2012). Courtesy: Gustavo Ciríaco.

"Making theater potentially implies building landscapes of action and enjoyment, where the audience is summoned to a place with a view. A place where interpretations, sensations, and understandings are in the constant making in direct relation to what is staged before our eyes."

Gustavo Ciríaco

The CLASSROOM proposed by Ciríaco focuses on analyzing the conditions for creating visibility and invisibility applied to public spaces, in dialogue with the performativity of their architecture and experience. The regimes of attention and the relationship between the constructed space and the experiential will be key aspects to understand the political, social, and cultural contexts; the perspectives and actions that constitute a public space, as well as the different ways of performatively activating these spaces of coexistence, conflict, and power.

The main axis of this CLASSROOM will use structural elements of the site-specific piece Onde o horizonte se move [Where the Horizon Moves] (2012) to encourage the construction of a collective situation conceived in collaboration with students and members of GEAM (Grupo de Experimentación en Artes del Movimiento of the UNA), the participants will activate their environments based on an investigation and immersion in the political, social, and architectural layers that are present at Barrio la Boca.

Where the horizon moves is a site-specific proposal revolving around the horizon as a shared field of fiction. A group of participants is integrated with each city, as a way of multiplying, expanding, and giving new local contours to the project. Beginning with the selection of a landscape and a place from where to look at it, the project invests in its gradual transformation through people who appear and disappear on the horizon, and through artistic actions that reconfigure the common field of vision. Through texts, songs, movements, and visual effects, the work plays with perspectives and events to reveal the different layers of housing and the use of urban space.

"Future is perhaps the word that comes up most in the experience of living in a city in our time. Amidst a phase of intense drafting, rewriting, and global reconfiguration of populations and urban spaces, aggravated by financial crises, gentrification processes, or political conflicts, the horizon follows the vertigo and complexity provoked by this new moment."

Gustavo Ciríaco

Gustavo Ciríaco

Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1969) Performing and contextual artist. With a background training in Political Science, Gustavo Ciríaco has developed over the years a multiform body of work encompassing visual theater and conceptual dance, live exhibitions, and in situ works, where architecture, visual, and performing arts meet in performances marked by a shared sensitivity and reconfigurations of the experience of the real.

Public presentation
December 02 and 04, 2022
04:00 PM (GMT -3)
Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1981, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where the Horizon Moves


Public Presentation