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Consejo Ancestral Willka Yaku

‘Palabreos’ Around the Fire: Aesthetic Justice from the Ancestral Vision of the Territory




12/05/2023 — 12/14/2023

This LABORATORY is thought-felt as aesthetic justice. The decolonization of the arts from ancestrality is intertwined with the struggles of re-existence of the native peoples and their spiritual knowledge systems.

Walking with the elders, mambear: this word has been the critical pedagogy of the use of art as a form of territorial justice, toward the harmonization of the elder spirits of Abya-Yala, the colonial symbols that modernity has imposed on our territories.

The LABORATORY is framed in what the Misak and Yanakuna peoples understand as the spiral unfolding of time, which implies setting out to walk in other geographies and times the ways in which the creative act and the languages of sensibility have been accompanied from the ancestral beginnings of our territory.

Our ancestral command is to share a fraternal word as Children of the Water who are critical of the metaphysical and physical dissemination of coloniality in our bodies/territories; individual challenges are always collective, from our point of view. Thus, the 'minga,' which is one of our principles, operates by redistributing the responsibility for decolonizing the territory and liberating the Elder Spirit of each place—city—that is held captive.

Over the last two centuries, the modern project has reduced our subjectivity—in political terms—to the Nation-State, economically to the market, epistemologically to the legitimization and circulation of Eurocentric knowledge, and spiritually, it has molded our perception to the mere objectivism of the world. In this scenario, the validity of the infinite ancestral outlooks is not only unquestionable, but also necessary.

Consejo Ancestral Willka Yaku: 'Palabreos' around the fire. Courtesy: Consejo Ancestral Willka Yaku.

The autobiography of each of the participants is an essential element that can only be shared in the ceremonial commitment of the word, as we hope that the 'colonial wounds'— both personal and from generations ago—will emerge to give way to a new reading of local history, migrations, dispossession, and ethnic, cultural and epistemic racializations, and so on.

Thus, we walk this collective word towards the healing of these wounds through the notions of Major Duty/Rights and Law of Origin/Natural Law of the native peoples that we are.

— Session 1: Coloniality, postcoloniality and decoloniality. Understanding/differentiation of Western apparatuses of thought, perception and sensibility.

— Session 2: Decoloniality and territory. Decolonial readings of the inhabited space -body/city- and the validity of the 'native aesthetics'.

— Session 3: The Misak/Yanakuna gaze. Our experience as children of the rainbow, the water and the earth.

— Session 4: Ancestrality as a creative act, healing of colonial disharmony. Spiritual and territorial judgments towards colonial symbols.

— Session 5: Hemispheric action of justice toward colonial symbols. Participants and the records of their pagamentos.


All those who feel Nupiré-MotherEarth are invited to the Bonfire: individuals and processes related to the native peoples, caretakers of water; hearts of all cultures, genders, capacities, and disciplines that deem it necessary/possible to harmonize modernity/coloniality through the arts and creativity.

5 sessions
December 05, 06, 09, 12 and 14, 2023
6:00 PM (GMT -4)
Via Zoom

Consejo Ancestral Willka Yaku: 'Palabreos' around the fire. Courtesy: Consejo Ancestral Willka Yaku.