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Laura Anderson Barbata

The Experience of the Common


Valparaíso, Chile


06/20/2022 — 06/27/2022

Formative project developed in collaboration with Ciudad Abierta and the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (PUCV), with participation from professors and students of the School of Architecture and Design and from the Film School of the University of Valparaíso (UV).

Laura Anderson Barbata: "Intervention: Red" (2021). In collaboration with the Brooklyn Jumbies. Photo: Frank Veronsky. Courtesy: Laura Anderson Barbata.

Laura Anderson Barbata

(Mexico City, 1958) Mexican and transdisciplinary artist. Since 1992, she has developed sustainable art-centered projects that integrate collaborative and participatory work that address issues of social justice and the environment. Through her work, she seeks to further the expectations of socially-engaged art by involving collaborators such as archives, scientists, activists, musicians, street dancers, and artisans to create works that operate both inside and outside of the art world. Many of the works take the form of “interventions” which unfold in public space, combining character and narrative development with numerous collaborators, in addition to textile arts, sculpture, dance, masking, music, procession, improvisation, ritual, and protest.

"As a Mexican-born, New York-CDMX based artist, it is my belief that a shared artistic and social practice can serve as a platform on which we connect, learn, exchange, create, and transcend borders in order to activate our sense of belonging to a global community."

Laura Anderson Barbata

The CLASSROOM proposed by Laura Anderson Barbata focuses on the idea of the common: the air we breathe, the roads we walk, the relationships we build, the responsibilities assumed, the public space; the common as a territory through which empathy> mix-up> empathy transit and confront each other.

The workshop is an invitation to create possibilities to explore together what has been rejected, neglected, or sacrificed. It is a workshop that does not intend to approach self-consciousness or theoretical knowledge but the magnitude of the experience, from the point of view of a question that has (possibly) no answer.

In collaboration with professors Marcelo Araya and Andrés Garcés from the School of Architecture and Design (PUCV), throughout the AULA we will develop exercises linking the experimental practices of Ciudad Abierta in dialogue with the collective dynamics designed by Anderson Barbata.

Day 1

Town of Olmué

Day 2

Town of Limache

Day 3

Port of Valparaíso