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Daniela Medina Poch Elizabeth Gallón Droste

Aqualiteracies: Feeling~Thinking with Waters




11/29/2022 — 12/13/2022

A Fluid Archive of Interspecies Communications in Hybrid Temporalities. How do we communicate with water? What hybrid communication protocols do we establish in these dialogues? How can we situate ourselves within an ecocentric context in everyday life?

Colombian artists and researchers Daniela Medina Poch and Elizabeth Gallon Droste propose a joint exploration and exchange aimed at generating dialogues, dynamics, and guidelines to reveal and disseminate aqualiteracy across Latin America.

Elizabeth Gallón Droste: "Embarcarse a Navegar con el Atrato" [Sailing out with the Atrato River] (2022). Multimodal installation. Courtesy: Elizabeth Gallón Droste.

Acknowledging water as a living archive of situated knowledge, we seek to create the Fluid Archive of Aqualiteracies, a framework of perceptions and approaches that will gather the sensitive and speculative experiences of diverse bodies: multiple ways of inhabiting and communicating with waters. We will approach everyday multispecies communications and performativities as instances of futurity in the face of the current water crisis. How can we listen to what water asks of us in different contexts and how can we project intentional messages into it?

"Today’s water is a living archive of a web of relationships occurring in multiple temporalities. It contains information about the places and bodies it has come in contact with. Thus, from water, we can access time, ancestral technologies, and its web of relational cycles."

Daniela Medina Poch and Elizabeth Gallon Droste
Elizabeth Gallón Droste: "El Morichal" (2014). Audiovisual installation. Puerto Gaitán, Colombia. Courtesy: Elizabeth Gallón Droste.

Aqualiteracy is an expansive framework for recognizing affective relationships with water as a living being, in all its states, phases, and rhythms. Aqualiteracy means understanding the relationships in the practices of water, in dialogue with its transformations throughout time, in everyday life and in relation to different bodies. Furthermore, aqualiteracy implies the ability to feel-think and imagine with water—to receive and interpret the information it contains.
The workshop will offer a space for sensitive experimentation and collective learning in which, using various artistic formats, we will expand our visions and possibilities for communicating with different waters and bodies of water. Through these artistic explorations, we will collectively sow and harvest a living archive of aqualiteracies that will gather approaches and methodologies regarding water and the relational future of water.

The Laboratory Aqualiteracies: Feeling~Thinking with Waters (A Fluid Archive of Interspecies Communications in Hybrid Temporalities) consists of 5 sessions:

Session 1: Eyes of water: Identities. Experimental approaches from performance.
Session 2: Confluences: Imaginations. Experimental approaches from creative writing.
Session 3: Estuaries: Hybrid communications in the present. Experimental approaches from sound.
Session 4: Outflow: Communications towards the future. Experimental approaches from the speculative ritual.
Session 5: Aquifer: Gathering and collectivizing the archive.


Aqualiteracies: Feeling~Thinking with Waters is a free formative program open to a diverse audience of people who are willing to experiment and work collectively. LA ESCUELA___ will make a selection from the applications received through the participation form.

5 sessions
November 29 through December 13, 2022
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00 PM (GMT -4)
Via Zoom

Public Presentation
December 13, 2022. 04:00 PM (GMT -4)
Via Zoom