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Elizabeth Gallón Droste

(Bogota, Colombia, 1991) Artistic researcher based in Berlin. She develops fieldwork-based research by combining different media. Her work focuses on the stories told and sung by the territo-rivers and the ecosystems they weave, composed of multiple beings, materialities, traces, and layers. Based on relational temporalities, dream and sensory realms, memories and affection, as well as practices and repertoires that enact multiple worlds, Elizabeth builds listening processes that contextualize and respond to socio-environmental conflicts from everyday life and networked actions and potentials, to nurture imaginaries of care, reparation and alternative becomings. She is currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin, with the project "Vocear Ríos" [Voicing Rivers]. Elizabeth has participated in artistic research spaces such as Meandering at TBA21 Academy in Cordoba (2023), documenta15 in Kassel (2022), and ars electronica in Linz (2022). Among her recent publications is the book Útica, bajo el arrullo de las aguas (2023). Currently, with ~pes, they activate listening sessions, participatory actions through hydrophonic tuning and mimetic acts of reciprocity with bodies of water.