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Nicolás Paris

Fourth World or a Classroom Without Infrastructure




03/10/2022 — 03/24/2022

"The creative space as a classroom without physical structure." Colombian artist Nicolás Paris proposes an online co-creation laboratory around walking as an artistic practice. In the context of Paris' research on educational structures and pedagogical strategies, this laboratory reflects on learning, the setting, and the collective. Through unpredictable experiments of corporeality and language, participants will take part in an act of writing experiences and shared knowledge.

This laboratory proposes to carry out a series of writing exercises that take place during the act of walking. Conceived as a peripatetic1 school, from individual and distant experiences, it will seek to build a constellation of texts on collective learning.

Nicolás Paris: "Classroom to think with the body (thinking about Merce Cunninghan)" (2015).

“Education can be an act of resistance or a protocol to find new ways of being together. I also understand art as an area of knowledge through which we can achieve to no longer be together as an obligation."

Nicolás Paris

To give shape to the inhabited space is a human need by nature, but what geometric form do we give to the space that exists between those who inhabit it? How do we configure the public space we share? Departing from questions and questionings, this laboratory is conceived as a tool for exchanging and building new models of learning, understanding, and communication between the participants and their environment. At the same time, it is conceived as a form of resistance to socially established conventions and rules, to examine new possibilities of experiencing the places we inhabit and share. The exercises proposed will aim to discover and understand our universes as an infinity of erratic micro-events, using words as a plastic material, time as a container, learning as a system of thought, and art as a place. Thus, the immersion with the participants is more an invitation to take walks or make gestures in specific spaces without given goals, rather than writing an open and collaborative map based on walking without a fixed route.


“Fourth World or a Classroom Without Infrastructure” is a free formative project open to artists and students interested in educational processes, school teachers, and people related to the fields of teaching and learning.

LABORATORY: Fourth World or a Classroom Without Infrastructure, with Nicolás Paris