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Patricia Domínguez Andrés Pereira Paz

Sign: Activating Technologies of the Void




05/10/2022 — 05/19/2022

“What is commanded to move energetically from within moves on the outside through lines.”1 By exploring the emancipatory potential of artistic imagination, Patricia Domínguez and Andrés Pereira Paz find new possibilities for working with the creative energy in the act of drawing. Thus, they propose a co-creation Laboratory for delving into the attunement of intuition through the use of diverse technologies for navigating the void.

This laboratory aims to address the creation of artworks from intuitive, non-rational matrixes, through exercises that strengthen the expansive/fractal energetic center of the participants.

Patricia Domínguez: “The Ballad of the Dry Mermaids” (2020). Courtesy: Patricia Domínguez.

“Drawing is a tool for scanning, diagnosing, and fueling energies that brings out precise information that can be understood from exercises of jumping into the void. We will understand line, pressure, pulse, and color as extensions of the invisible threads that make up our wefts.”

Eulàlia Valldosera

The intuitive gesture as an activator of work is in itself a political gesture, as opposed to rational thinking. In this sense, based on the activation of non-linear, oneiric, and feminine artistic and critical thoughts, the laboratory will address issues of current creation such as overwork and alienation due to lack of language, among other matters related to interferences during the artistic process. Throughout the sessions, activation-meditation exercises will be carried out to enter into states of connection and to create spaces of thought and non-thought, using lessons from artists such as Eulàlia Valldosera, Diana Aisenberg, Roberto Valcárcel, Emma Kunst, and Hilma Klimt. These researches establish relationships between individuals, in the context of a current and digitalized panorama, in resonance with creative processes. In this way, using drawing as the main tool for handling energy through lines, we will access non-verbal information, constantly moving and resetting our inner selves. In this laboratory, we will make a fractal review of the personal wefts and warps, from a less rational and freer position in which we build our own cosmologies that challenge the increasingly globalized structures.


“Sign: Activating Technologies of the Void” is a free formative program open to artists interested in creative processes and willing to experiment around non-linear creative methodologies.

LABORATORIO: Seña: Activación de tecnologías del vacío