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Andrés Pereira Paz

Soil Analysis Laboratory




10/18/2022 — 11/10/2022

The Soil Analysis Laboratory is a space for reflection and self-knowledge conducted by Bolivian artist Andrés Pereira Paz, focused on generating resources for artistic research.

Andrés Pereira Paz: "Taypi" (2021). Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev. Courtesy: Andrés Pereira Paz.

"In the current landscape of art and education, there seems to be a need to complexify the language used for talking about the work of art. Contrary to the demands of this drive, the Laboratory intends for each participant to develop a language of their own, made of their words, and enunciated from their life experiences, not eluding vulnerability, subjectivity, and emotions."

Andrés Pereira Paz

Conceived as a mapping of the DNA of the participating artists' work, the sessions will delve into inner and outer universes through dialogue, methodically identifying the elements that activate their interest as creative individuals.

We will take each student’s life experience as a starting point to identify the guiding lines that propel and orient their practice, using the intuitive resources that artists apply when making art as a basis. We will assign names and categories to things, in order to develop a customized toolbox based on each personal cosmos.

The Soil Analysis Laboratory contemplates 8 online meeting sessions, organized as follows:

Session 1: Course overview and introduction of the participants.

Session 2: Drawing meditation. Collective presentation of the things that draw the lines of our field of work.

Session 3: Sound meditation. Categorization of the things that resonate with and in our work.

Session 4: Meditation on space. Presentation of the spaces that make up our work.

Session 5: Guest artist: Ad Minoliti. Anti-meditation on blank paper. Presentation of all the edges that shape our work.

Session 6: Guest artist: Fernanda Barreto. Presentation of final images of the guest's work. Presentation of works made by the participating artists.

Session 7: Guest artist: Eliana Otta. Presentation of final places of the guest's work. Presentation of works made by the participating artists.

Session 8: Guest artist: Patricia Dominguez. Collective meditation on mind, body, and space. Creating an “exquisite corpse” with words and images.


The Soil Analysis Laboratory is a free formative program open to artists and students interested in creative educational processes, who are willing to experiment with non-linear creation methodologies. LA ESCUELA___ will make a selection from the applications received through the participation form.

8 sessions
October 4 through 29, 2022
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 PM (GMT -4)
Via Zoom

This Laboratory will be conducted in Spanish

Andrés Pereira Paz: “Yo fortifico sus columnas” [I fortify your columns], at the 11th Berlin Biennial (2019-2020). Courtesy: Andrés Pereira Paz.