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Mariela Richmond

Objectual Devices For Us To Imagine


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Guadalajara, México


05/21/2024 — 05/31/2024

Artistic and educational residency organized by LA ESCUELA__, developed in alliance with Casa Orozco and the la Secretaria de Cultura de Jalisco through the Escuela de Arte de Jalisco and with the participation of artist, educator and space designer Mariela Richmond.

By means of different objectual devices of exploration, we will put into question the life of ordinary objects in a context of creation and we will open up the possibility of looking at them as agents charged with memory, as sensitive and affective archives that may lead us to a place of writing with and from the body, to a place that allows us to think of the space that they inhabit and of the public space that we inhabit together.

Mariela Richmond: Dispositivos objetuales para imaginar.

Cortesía: Mariela Richmond.

In his book Paraphernalia: The Curious Lives of Magical Things, Steven Connor describes a myth regarding the use of everyday objects for communicating: our ancestors, he says, used to carry objects that helped them communicate between them. In The System of Objects, J. Baudrillard thinks about a system of objects as a system of meanings that go beyond their functional description, that is, the objects as a border between the interior and the exterior: confidents, psychological recipients of our everyday work. We will use some practical exercises to work with possible translations of the relationships between body-object-memory, carrying them into public spaces, thinking about how our everyday relationships with objects could serve as motors for other ways of looking at the world.

To approach these topics, the workshop will make use of different devices:

Exploration device 1: To think and classify (in George Perec’s spirit)

Exploration device 2: Objectual actions (from Kantor to Jan Svankmajer)

Exploration device 3: Objectual-Spatial translations (according to Ramón Griffero and experiences with the Abya Yala Theatre)

Methodology: We will work with exercises that traverse the three exploration devices, analyzing different texts between art, theatre, philosophy, scenography, education and sociology.

Profile and characteristics of people wishing to attend the workshop:

— Art educators and artists in general, with an interest in working with objects, in thinking about their materiality and archives, with experience in creative processes, community management processes, and pedagogic processes, among others.

— Interest in interdisciplinary processes between the visual arts, scenography and education.

— Availability to attend the workshop in-person, during the 4 established days.

— Willingness to work in a public space on the last day of the workshop.

— A letter of intention answering the following question: Why are you compelled to participate in the workshop “Objectual Devices for Us to Imagine”?

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Mariela Richmond: Dispositivos objetuales para imaginar.

Cortesía: Mariela Richmond.

I’m Not Ready To Be Coherent:
Challenge and Kindness of Art and Education in Creative Processes

The processes of art and education are crucial channels to enhance various modes of knowledge, in my experience: project managing, agroecology, artivism, collaborative processes of scenography and visual creation, and graphic design are all mediated by the ways of making of a centroamerican art-educator. How do these modes of knowledge converge in a coherence of time and space?

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