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Mariela Richmond

(San Jose, Costa Rica, 1986) Art-educator and space designer. She studied Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Visual Arts Teaching at the University of Costa Rica. She completed a Master in Performing Arts at the same institution. She is co-founder of the Fundación Memoria de las Artes Escénicas (LAMAE) and part of the art-education collective La Ruidosa Oficina. She is a professor and researcher at the University of Costa Rica in the School of Visual Arts. She is part of the Central American visual artists’ collective FranjaCentroamericana. She has been awarded scholarships for the Espira-La Espora residence (2009-2010) and TEOR/éTica; she has received creation funds from the ProArtes Fund of the Melico Salazar Popular Theater on eight occasions and the Iberescena production fund for two scenic projects. With LAMAE, they received the Prince Claus Foundation: The Next Generation (2019) production fund. She has twice received the National Scenography Award (Costa Rica 2014; 2020).