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Renata Sampaio

Intimacy as a Presupposition for a Decolonial Practice


Cali, Colombia


04/12/2023 — 05/06/2023

Art and education residency organized by LA ESCUELA___ together with Lugar a Dudas, with the participation of Brazilian transdisciplinary artist and educator Renata Sampaio.

We will borrow the intimacy that is present in various artistic languages that intersect art and life, and use it as a procedure to break silences. Departing from the individual toward the collective, we will build narratives that address the notions of vulnerability and power in art and society from the concept of the intimate. Through private and collective observations, we will investigate our own gestures and those present in the streets.

What changes when we make public something that is intimate to us? What does this provoke in us and in those who see us? What do these gestures say about local and global cultural pedagogies and what changes when we transform these actions into art? What do these gestures inform or change in the perceptions of gender and race?

In this residency, practicing intimacy in art is a form of self-knowledge and otherness, which strengthens individualities by reclaiming traces of the social groups to which we belong and understanding ourselves as a collective that thrives in our differences. Part of the residency will take place inside Lugar a Dudas, another part in the street, extending the collectivity of the group to passers-by, blurring the boundaries between art and the everyday life of the city.

Renata Sampaio proposes this residency based on studies arising from her experience as an educator, artist and curator, combined with knowledge in areas such as performing arts, performance, cultural mediation, and her experience as a black woman in these spaces. Part of this research resulted in the writing of her master's dissertation, Pedagogy of Intimacy. Therein, she understands intimacy as a way of creating from self-exposure as a conversational motif, developing bonds from a common ground with the audience, creating temporary communities through art—especially among black women—and appropriating the work of other artists as an artistic and pedagogical argument.

Some of the approaches underlying the thinking that gives rise to this residency come from the critical social theory of black feminism applied to the visual arts; from the discussions that marginalized groups have brought to artistic practices blurring the boundaries between art and life, based on the experiences of violence they suffer daily; and from a notion of artistic mediation in which education occurs from the proximity of art to the daily life of the viewer.

Intimidad como presuposición para una práctica decolonial

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