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04/01/2022 — 05/31/2022

Open Call for Articles and Online Laboratories on Radical Learning and Collective Making

LA ESCUELA___ invites artists, researchers, and educators to join the community of our platform for radical learning and collective making. For this purpose, we are launching an open call for developing online LABORATORIES and articles for the LIBRARY that approach education from experimental methodologies, through collaborative projects and social practices in Latin America.

The call is open to authors in the fields of art, architecture, and performing arts with a pedagogical perspective. We are looking for proposals that can bring a meaningful contribution to our research archive and the production of formative projects. We look forward to receiving works on a variety of topics related to the practices and research areas of the applicants. The proposals should revolve around the crossings between art and education, connecting Latin American historical legacies and contemporary creation.

We invite everyone interested in participating — from any nationality and place of residency — to submit abstracts of proposals for developing articles and/or projects for online laboratories. We are interested in bringing art and education closer to the social conditions of specific places. Thus, we are looking to address issues that concern the social, political, or environmental challenges of different regions in Latin America, providing a place for diverse perspectives of learning and educational models based on the collective.

The call is open from April 1 to May 31, 2022. We will select 3 laboratory proposals and 10 contributions for the library (in Spanish or English), which will be part of the program of our second semester, taking place from September to December 2022.

LA ESCUELA___’s team in collaboration with the upcoming semester’s guest scholars will review the applications received. The selection criteria will be based on the relevance, pertinence, and coherence of the proposal regarding current social, political and/or environmental issues in Latin America, as well as its connection with the legacy of educational experiences led by artists, placed in a global framework of knowledge exchange and production.

Patricia Domínguez: “Madre Drone” (2019-2020). Courtesy: Patricia Domínguez.

Formative projects for LABORATORIES:

LA ESCUELA___’s LABORATORIES are virtual spaces for translocal experimentation around social, political, and environmental issues, developed by artists in collaboration with participants from different regions of Latin America. The range of topics to be proposed is open and must be related to the applicant’s research or practices. This semester, we are offering projects on walking as an artistic methodology and building collective narratives, dramaturgy and feminist practices, non-rational intuitive creative matrixes, and activist technologies from a geo-historical perspective. We encourage applicants to visit the ongoing LABORATORIES section to learn more about the nature of these formative projects.

Specifications for submissions:

We will receive abstracts (maximum 300 words) in English or Spanish, but the laboratory must be carried out in Spanish. Only one proposal per application will be allowed.

The formative projects are expected to consist of five online work sessions, each lasting between 120 and 180 minutes, and resulting in a collective work among the participants or individual exercises that form a general overview. The documentation and final materials will become part of La Escuela's archive.

Along with the abstract, applications must be accompanied by a link or portfolio file where we can learn about your work practice, and a short biography (maximum 180 words) including year and city of birth, as well as institutional or collective project linkage if any.

The selected projects will be carried out during the second semester of 2022, on dates previously agreed upon with the authors.

Considering the participation of residents primarily of Latin American countries, the times and days proposed for the development of these dynamics are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM (GMT -4).

The professional fees contemplated for the development of each Laboratory are US$750. The selected persons must have a bank account capable of receiving international wire transfers.

To access the application form for LABORATORIES, click here.

Helio Eichbauer teaching a class on Piet Mondrian at the Garden of EAV Parque Lage. Courtesy: Acervo Helio Eichbauer.

Articles for the LIBRARY:

The LIBRARY is a space organized around the intersections of art and education. It gathers artistic and pedagogical resources produced by LA ESCUELA___ in collaboration with diverse researchers, artists, and educators to connect knowledge and experiences across Latin America. On this occasion, we are looking for articles for the ESSAYS and MAPPINGS sections.

The ESSAYS are reflective and research texts on the thinking and methodologies of fundamental authors for the relations between art and education at different points in history and geographical areas. Whereas MAPPINGS consists of research texts that trace artistic educational projects and experiences, articulating genealogies, transits, and interests connected by a common macrohistorical context from specific fields of action and micro-geopolitics. We encourage applicants to visit the LIBRARY to learn more about the nature, scope and approaches proposed in these sections.

The general format for proposing articles shall abide by the following submission requirements:

We will receive abstracts in English and Spanish, according to the language in which the article will be developed, with a maximum of 300 words. It should clearly outline the objectives of the text, the case studies, topic, or region(s) it will address, the conclusion, and the original contribution of the article. Only one proposal per application is allowed.

Along with the abstract, applicants must provide a link to 3 writing samples published within the last 3 years (in English or Spanish) and a short biography (180 words) including year and city of birth, academic degrees with their corresponding institutions, and their current institutional or academic affiliation — if any.

The fee contemplated for the development of each text (between 1,500 and 2,500 words in length) is US$250, which will be paid upon delivery, review, and approval of the final article. The author must have a bank account capable of receiving international wire transfers.

To access the application form for ESSAYS, click here.

To access the application form for MAPPINGS, click here.

LA ESCUELA___ will announce the final selection for the 3 Laboratories and the 10 articles for the Library on the first week of July 2022; authors will be contacted individually by email.

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