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Sara Garzón and Catarina Duncan To Collaborate as Guest Scholars during the 2022―II Semester of LA ESCUELA___

With the aim of fostering research-based projects in Latin America, LA ESCUELA___ announces Colombian curator and writer Sara Garzón and Brazilian curator and cultural producer Catarina Duncan as Guest Scholars for its 2022-II semester. In this role, guest scholars will provide a decentralized perspective on the pedagogical practices brought about by critics, artists, and cultural producers throughout the twentieth century in Latin America. This will add historical depth to learning spaces that have operated outside mainstream and customary artistic centers. Their contributions will focus on practices that bridge artistic, ecological, and political issues.

LA ESCUELA___ is a platform for radical learning in public spaces that feeds on the continuous rotation of collaborating artists, researchers, and educators to address the question of how a school can be conceived, shaped and activated through artistic practices and pedagogies. Online and on-site, each semester proposes a formative and editorial program that unfolds through Classrooms, Laboratories and public lectures, as well as a website that hosts a growing archive of essays, conversations, resources, and documentation developed by a network of collaborators located throughout Latin America, produced in collaboration with affiliated universities, institutions, and communities.

The program for the 2022-II semester (September-December) will feature the expertise of guest scholars Sara Garzón and Catarina Duncan, who will bring their research areas into the editorial line of LA ESCUELA___.

Marta Traba on the set of the TV show "Curso de historia del arte" [Art History Course] (1957-1958). Source: BADAC, Fondo Marta Traba.

"Since the beginning of the 20th century, alternative spaces like radio and TV shows, independent art schools, and even artist’s ateliers have played an enormous role in establishing new frameworks for understanding the ethos of art and its education," writes Garzón, who specializes in contemporary Latin American art, Indigenous eco-criticism, decolonial theory, and temporality.

For her part, the proposal of Duncan, who is currently curator of Solar dos Abacaxis in Rio de Janeiro, arises from "a desire to broaden the scope of reflection on issues of art and education toward other areas of creative work in Latin America. Expanding the perspectives on ecology, politics, spirituality, and food to different countries, landscapes, and contexts to discuss the meaning of pedagogical practices in these cultures from a territorialized experience."

In this way, LA ESCUELA___ continues to grow as a platform that allows weaving an international network of people and initiatives with the shared interest of thinking about and acting upon local realities through art and education in Latin America.

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