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Sara Garzón

(Bogotá, Colombia, 1988) Curator and writer based in New York City. She has a PhD in Art History from Cornell University and specializes in contemporary Latin American Art, Indigenous eco-criticism, decolonial theory and practice, and temporality. She has contributed to several exhibition catalogs, peer-reviewed journals, and art magazines like Arts of the Working Class, Ocula Magazine, and Hyperallergic. Sara has also worked as the Jane and Morgan Whitney Curatorial Fellow (2020-2021) and the Lifchez-Stronach Curatorial Fellow (2014-2015) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Alongside her experience in museums, Sara has curated exhibitions in Croatia, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. She is the founding member of Collective Rewilding, a working group that investigates the intersection between art, ecology, and care. Recently, Sara curated the program “The Rise of the Coyote: A Return Back to Earth” for the 2022 edition of Materia Abierta, looking at the relationship between Indigenous and Afro-Indigenous technologies, plant intelligence, and futurity.

Guest Scholar 2022―II.