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Mónica Mayer

Against Patriarchal Cobwebs




05/11/2022 06:00

In this AUDITORIUM session, Mónica Mayer shares with LA ESCUELA___ her reflections on the patriarchal dynamics present in public spaces, her struggle as an artist against the 'cobwebs' of the system and her experience in the creation of feminist spaces of support and education.

Mónica Mayer: "Learning to Bring Down Walls." Conversations, La Escuela___ (2021).

Mónica Mayer (Mexico City, 1954) is a Mexican visual artist and feminist activist, known for her conceptual work and her performances around the role of women in society. Her work has made her a referential artist for the continent, thanks to a feminist practice designed from the beginning to make history. In her process, one archive stands out – Pinto mi raya – holding more than 40 thousand documents, hundreds of conferences, and actions in public spaces, media and schools, in which she resorts to listening and pedagogy as a significant practice.

"My strongest struggle in feminism is against patriarchal cobwebs. The first stage of the struggle is to learn ourselves what we need, what bothers us or prevents us from changing that and demanding what we want."

Mónica Mayer
Mónica Mayer: "El Tendedero", MAM (1978). Source: Pinto mi Raya archive. Courtesy: Biblioteca Xavier Clavigero of the Universidad Iberoamericana.

This lecture by Mónica Mayer at the AUDITORIUM of La Escuela___ is organized in collaboration with the Cátedra Extraordinaria Rosario Castellanos de Arte y Género de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). It will include the participation of Julia Antivilo, PhD (UNAM) and a conversation panel moderated by Renata Cervetto, guest scholar at La Escuela___ for the 2022—I semester.
This event will be held in Spanish; a recording will be uploaded afterward with English subtitles.