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Mónica Mayer

(Mexico City, 1954) Feminist artist and writer. She is an artist who does not conform to the definitions of art, who has developed an integral approach that—in addition to performances, drawings, or interventions—considers writing, teaching, archiving, and actively engaging with the community as part of her artistic production. She is considered a pioneer of performance art and digital graphics in Mexico and is internationally recognized as a precursor and promoter of feminist art. She has created iconic works such as El Tendedero, whose first version was made in 1978 and has recently gone viral in artistic spaces and as an activist and pedagogical tool. Together with Maris Bustamante, she founded Polvo de Gallina Negra, the first group of feminist art in Mexico. In 1989, Mayer and Víctor Lerma launched the Pinto mi Raya project which, among other things, has amassed a significant archive. Besides being a very active lecturer, she was a columnist for the Mexican newspaper El Universal for 20 years and has been published in national and international magazines. Her most recent book, Intimidades…o no. Arte, vida y feminismo, comprises texts that span four decades of her writings.