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Laura Uribe

Dramaturgy as an Architecture of Meaning




04/11/2022 — 04/15/2022

"How to (re)imagine more dignified futures? How to (re)present reflections that produce other realities?" The Mexican performing artist Laura Uribe proposes an online creation Laboratory based on dialogue and listening among women. In this sharing of experiences, the body as a sensitive space will be at the center of issues related to gender and dissidence from which collective reflections and ideas will emerge.

This laboratory seeks to build a collective dramaturgy that allows reflection on the school as a micro and macro political territory, based on the notions of the intimate and the public, the oppositions between representation and presentation, and the relationships between conflict and aesthetics.

Laura Uribe: “Archivo Vivo” (2020), with Sabina Aldana. Photo: Alonso Garibay. Courtesy: Laura Uribe.

“Gender-based violence is a problem that calls for urgent, conscious and in-depth thought. I don’t know a single woman who has walked down the street without having been whistled or yelled at, or who has even been grabbed.”

Laura Uribe

Gender violence has progressively increased in the last months of the confinement that began in 2020. During this pandemic year, 3,752 women were murdered in Mexico alone—that is, 10.2 a day. For its part, in 2021, at the university of the Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral, in Mexico City, there were more than 90 complaints of gender violence.

Something similar happens at the University within the School of Theater, Dance and Music of the Autonomous University of Morelos, where Uribe is a professor: 98% of the female students express a voracious desire to bring forth and expose the aggressions they have experienced. The University, the schools, and many of the educational institutions whose architectures we inhabit on a daily basis are a reflection of society on a smaller scale.

The laboratory is conceived as a fertile territory to generate and raise new questions posed by current times, offering the participants theoretical and practical procedures to provoke and stir experimentation with performative dramaturgy cracked by the real, the political, and the poetic, from a documentary and autobiographical approach, through the creation of a collective digital performance.

Fo the development of this workshop, we will use an interdisciplinary methodology that is theoretical and practical at the same time. Departing from given premises, the artists will make creative proposals which will be carried out using a transdisciplinary vision that articulates different disciplines, languages and media: performativity, writing, sound, spatiality, lighting, costumes, choreography, video, stage composition, and technological media.


Dramaturgy as an Architecture of Meaning is a free formative project, open to people who identify as women, who consider having experienced some form of gender-based violence, with an interest in different areas of the performing arts, literature, music, and audiovisual media.

LABORATORY: Dramaturgy as an Architecture of Meaning, with Laura Uribe