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Ateliê Vivo

Reinventiva têxtil


Cali, Colombia


10/21/2023 — 11/10/2023

Art and education residency organized by LA ESCUELA___ together with Lugar a Dudas, with the participation of Brazilian collective Ateliê Vivo, integrated by Carolina Cherubini, Flávia Lobo de Felício, Gabriela Cherubini y Andrea Guerra.

Ateliê Vivo's proposals encourage the practice of manual textile art through participatory actions aimed at developing the participants' critical sense, autonomy, and reflection on aesthetic, artistic, behavioral and value multiplicities. In their actions, the collective seeks to generate dialogues and exchanges among the participants. For this, they propose creative processes using their Pattern Library to build clothes, the "anti-pattern" as a material, and manual techniques such as embroidery, printing, weaving, and sewing.

Ateliê Vivo. Courtesy: Ateliê Vivo.

Ateliê Vivo's practices are the result of applied research using different manual techniques, such as weaving, printing, embroidery, bobbin lace, cutting, and sewing. As a multidisciplinary project, we seek to create exchange relationships with other populations, geographies, and cultures in order to develop new perspectives and experiences from textile practices, as well as reducing learning barriers, and socioeconomic, ethnic, gender, age, and geographical inequalities.

The collective aims to stimulate the production of thought in tandem with manual production. The term "thinking-doing" describes the objective of fundamentally rethinking "theory" and "practice," to overcome the common antagonism between the two.

All manual work carries within it the dimension of human power, of what can be produced from one's own body, and what is learned from generation to generation, thus consolidating knowledge, creating spaces for collective encounters and exchanges, and dissolving one-sided relationships between artists and general audiences.

Courtesy: Ateliê Vivo.

The project’s proposal is also based on the concept of ‘social sculpture,’ which values the potential of art to transform society, for it is knowledge that goes beyond the immediate, fleeting understanding. This enables people to feel as part of the artistic proposal, allowing them to become sensitized through artistic making, in a dynamic that does not require previous or specific knowledge. Ateliê Vivo will invite people to transpose their experiences and intentions, to broaden political and educational practices through intersecting gestures.