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Ateliê Vivo

(Brazil, 2015) Independent transdisciplinary artistic collective of manual textile and clothing practices that has been active since 2015. Their aim is to encourage research and sharing experiences to enable the creation of different collective ways of life based on the autonomy offered by manual making. Their works have been presented at venues such as Sescs, Fábricas de Cultura, Casa de Criadores, CCSP, Can Batlló (Barcelona), Rosset (Arnhem-Netherlands), Instituto Acáia, among other. Some of their recent participation includes the Somos Muitas exhibition at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo in 2019; the Art Residency at the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo in 2022; the State of Fashion Textile Biennial in Arnhem, The Netherlands; documenta fifteen in Kassel, with a collaboration for the Public Daycare work in 2022; and the 5th edition of the BienalSur in Argentina in 2023.