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Carolina Cherubini

(Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, 1986) Visual artist with a degree in Fashion Design. She has been one of the coordinators and artists of the Ateliê Vivo collective since 2017. Her work crosses art, education and textiles, and includes costumes, installations, embroidery, sewing, and collage. Carolina believes that sharing knowledge and practicing manual work generates autonomy for the individual, which can be rethought in various other fields of life. She also believes in democratic education as a way to trace a powerful path, a place of exchange and possibilities, which acts upon the micro-politics of our daily lives. With her individual work, she has participated in venues such as the 10th edition of the Saco Biennial in Chile, the cycle of residencies and exhibitions at La Térmica in Spain, and a solo show at Espaço de arte Soda in São Paulo.