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Cuenca, Santiago de Chile y San Pedro La Laguna


09/12/2022 — 12/14/2022

Formative projects conceived as devices for collective making and learning. To be developed under the curatorial coordination of Félix Suazo.

Benvenuto Chavajay: "Humanidad de maíz" [Corn Human] (2021/2022). From the series “Humanidad según y versión PoPol Wuj” [Humankind according to and PoPol Wuj version]. Courtesy: Benvenuto Chavajay.

"The teaching artist uses educational tools as working materials to create aesthetic meanings. Thus, the work becomes a non-hierarchical gnoseological device that does not seek academic erudition but the creative use of latent knowledge and the construction of a space for sensitive exchange."

Félix Suazo

In this series of CLASSROOMS, guest artists María José Machado Gutiérrez (Ecuador), Jessica Briceño Cisneros (Venezuela-Chile), and Benvenuto Chavajay (Guatemala) will address the notions of body, material culture, and ritual as relational triggers that allude to specific practices, processes, and contexts. They will work alongside communities in public spaces in their localities. The experiences will be rooted literally and metaphorically in the distinct landscapes of the cities of Cuenca, Santiago, and San Pedro de la Laguna, simultaneously grounding and attaching relevance and meaning to each proposal.

From premises anchored in their artistic practices, María José Machado Gutiérrez, Jessica Briceño Cisneros, and Benvenuto Chavajay will propose a series of exercises in formative mediation and creative activation that emerge from and function in specific horizons. The proposals do not seek to idealize the place (understood as a scenario of physical and symbolic exchange) but to use it as a connecting platform to trigger processes of simultaneous flow between the entities and people involved. All these connections go through the body—whether vulnerable or resilient—the land—both natural and urban—and coexistence—from the social to the ecosystemic. In all three cases, doing and learning are a way of configuring the common space.

Jessica Briceño Cisneros: "Guapondelig" (2018). Sculptural intervention on the fountains in San Roque, Cuenca, Ecuador. Courtesy: Jessica Briceño Cisneros.

Jessica Briceño Cisneros

(Caracas, Venezuela, 1988) Sculptress, educator, and eco-environmental activist based in Santiago de Chile. She teaches sculpture and project development at the University of Chile. She creates sculptures, installations, and interventions in urban spaces.

María José Machado Gutiérrez

(Cuenca, Ecuador, 1984) Performer, teacher, and cultural manager based in Cuenca, Ecuador. She teaches at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Cuenca. She creates collaborative actions, performances, and interventions in public and community spaces.

Benvenuto Chavajay

(San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala, 1978) Mixed media artist, performer, and community activist based in San Pedro la Laguna. His work draws on the meaning of the body and the materials that are present in nature and the sacred world. He creates civic-corporal actions, interventions in nature, resignifications of found objects, and installations.

Public Presentation
December 21, 2022
06:00 PM (GMT -4)
Via Zoom