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Antonio Caro

Photo: Fernando Cano Busquets.

(Bogotá, Colombia, 1950 - 2021): Conceptual artist, known for his use and appropriation of advertising and symbolic icons of his country. Caro built a productive career around them since his breakthrough into the local art circuits in the 1970s, amid memorable situations that subverted the institutional dynamics of the art scene. As an educator, Antonio Caro developed a series of traveling workshops throughout almost 20 years, with which he toured from Colombian rural towns to large Latin American cities. In these workshops, he separated his artistic facet from the facilitator one, to delve into the human interactions produced by his “visual creativity” exercises. In them, before any tangible artistic result, it was the critical spirit of the participants that prevailed, as well as the humanizing interpersonal dynamics. Apart from these pedagogical processes, his sharp and ironic work raises a critical look at the political and social conditions of his context, based on historical, intellectual, and popular connotations in which he linked everything from pop culture topics to indigenous practices.