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Gego (1969). Photo: Juan Santana. Courtesy: Fundación Gego.

(Gertrud Goldschmidt) (Hamburg, German Empire, 1912 – Caracas, Venezuela, 1994): Architect, graphic artist and sculptor. She developed a prolific oeuvre spanning from graphic works on paper to large-scale sculptures in public space; she gained world-recognition with her Reticulárea (1969) and its formal and representational derivations. A graduate of Architecture from the University of Stuttgart with studies in design pedagogies, Gego taught classes and workshops in institutions such as the School of Architecture of the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Design Institute of the Fundación Neumann, where she combined her technical knowledge and her working discipline to teach studio courses such as the Composition Workshop or the Spatial Relations Seminar. Turned into experimental learning spaces, Gego’s classes managed to combine the technical rigor of her Bauhaus heritage with the creative freedom of art through a program aimed at future architects and designers. In tandem with her teaching practice, her particular take on geometry and three-dimensionality earned her a place in the Venezuelan art scene since the early 1970s. Amid a national scene mostly dominated by geometric abstraction and kinetic art, she stood out with her subtle, logical, and poetic view of space and linear structures influenced by nature and its phenomena.