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Francisco Toledo

(Mexico City, Mexico, 1940 - Oaxaca, Mexico, 2019): Visual artist, activist and philanthropist. He is known for his strong support of numerous causes focusing on the promotion and conservation of Mexican artistic heritage, oriented toward free access to artistic training and environmental protection. His legacy becomes tangible in the construction of socially sustainable institutions, such as the Graphic Arts Institute of Oaxaca, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (MACO), the Jorge Luis Borges Library for the Blind, the Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center, the Ethnobotanical Garden, and the Eduardo Mata Sound Recordings Library. Through these, he created training spaces and structures around topics such as the teaching of native Mexican languages, respecting the rights and culture of the indigenous population, the defense of battered animal species, among others. In his artistic work, which deeply linked naturalistic themes with his environmentalist standings, he developed an imaginary universe of beasts and figures that mingle native myths and modern Mexican identity.