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Margarita Paksa

Courtesy: Sergio Paksa.

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1932 - 2020) Visual artist and teacher. A pioneer in the use of materials and technological media in Argentinian art. As part of the Di Tella Institute generation and of the 60s’ avant-garde, Paksa was responsible for a poetic and metaphorical work in which she experimented with projection devices and media, linked to the questioning of social, political, identity, and communication issues. Some of her most relevant works include Comunicaciones (1968) and El arte ha muerto, viva el arte [Art is Dead, Long Live Art] (1979-2014), in which she brought up the importance of participation and the experiential aspect of the work by the public. Throughout her vast pedagogical experience, Paksa focused her research interest on art in public spaces and Net Art. She was a full professor and researcher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata and also held the chair of the Sculpture Project Workshop at the Department of Visual Arts of the National University Institute of Art.