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Carlos Raúl Villanueva

Photo: Paolo Gasparini.

(London, United Kingdom, 1900 - Caracas, Venezuela, 1975) Architect, urban planner, and educator, considered as one of the most influential architects in twentieth-century Venezuela. As a designer, he carried out large plans of urban and architectural development in Venezuela, in which he proposed a continuous dialogue between his academic training, his link to the modern avant-garde, and his deep sense of respect and understanding of traditional architecture. Among his most outstanding works are the Reurbanization of El Silencio (1945) and the University City of Caracas (inaugurated in 1954). In it, he would be one of the founders of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where he served as a devoted professor, committed both to the professional development of his students and to the importance of teaching citizen and social values through the architectural practice and through what he called his "spiritual work": teaching.