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Marina Waisman

Cortesía: La Voz Argentina

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1920 – Río Cuarto, Argentina, 1997): Architect, architecture critic and teacher. She produced architectural theory looking at the problems of the region and proposing adequate tools to understand our reality. In 1980, together with Freddy Guidi and Teresa Sassi, she was in charge of the recovery and restoration of the José Malanca Municipal Museum (today the España Córdoba Cultural Center). He also developed an intense activity in the SAL (Latin American Architecture Seminars), which began in 1985 in Buenos Aires. His work in these areas converges in two books: "Ten Latin American architects", written with César Naselli in 1989 and "The interior of history. Historiografía arquitectónica para uso de latinoamericanos" in 1993. In 1987 she was awarded the America Prize for her tireless critical work and transcendental contribution to Latin American architecture.