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Emilio Renart

(Mendoza, Argentina, 1925 – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991): Sculptor, painter and researcher. With an emphasis on the study of creativity and its implementation, Renart understood the creative act as the free capacity to associate information, as well as the ability to modify reality in order to highlight what makes us human and free. These theories gave rise to his popular creativity workshops, which received over 2,000 people between 1985 and 1988, in large groups characterized by the heterogeneity of their origins and trades. Despite developing a prolific and award-winning artistic work in the sixties, Renart moved away from this activity to devote himself to research on teaching and creation. His oeuvre, focused on the integration of art and science, proposes a conception of the universe based on nuclear physics, going back to the origin of the world as an energetic matter from which derived the development of animals and, from it, human consciousness as ordering reason but deeply related to matter, biological life and the unconscious.