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Antonieta Sosa

Courtesy: Luis Brito Foundation.

(New York, USA, 1940 — Caracas, Venezuela, 2024) Venezuelan conceptual artist and educator. She studied at the University of California and began her exhibition career in the late 1960s in Venezuela, with painting and abstraction as starting points. Since the early 1990s, after a series of trips and vast professional experiences as an artist, Sosa devoted herself to higher education in professorships such as the Artistic Language class at the Armando Reverón Institute in Caracas. For over 20 years, her teaching approached pedagogy as a social and political practice where the other’s problems were turned into a laboratory for self-awareness. Here, her primary quests as a creator were transformed into spaces for sensibility, introspection, and collective reflection. Over the years, the questioning of her own practice led her to what would become an extensive research on the body, space, and the subject, as well as their daily interrelationships. To do this, she incorporated three-dimensional objects with which she interacted through actions and situations in which the public, in some cases, became involved.