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David Alfaro Siqueiros

Photography: Héctor García Cobo.

(Chihuahua, Mexico, 1898 – Cuernavaca, Mexico, 1974) Painter and educator. A pioneer of muralism related to socialist realism and political art in Latin America, as well as material experimentations with painting in architectural spaces. In his work, he understood revolutionary socialism and technological modernity as closely related concepts. His compositions adapted to what he called "dynamic architecture," which was based on the construction of configurations using a polyangular perspective. He developed an analytical study of these figurative projections theoretically and through pedagogical methodologies, assisted by tools from geometry and cinematography. As an educator, Siqueiros focused on developing postulates concerning arts education in Mexico and proposing collaborative strategies as educational vehicles for creating works of art. He also founded the muralist school La Tallera, in Cuernavaca.