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Asdrúbal Colmenárez

Photo: Carlos Germán Rojas.

(Trujillo, Venezuela, 1936): Mixed media artist, living and studying in Paris since the late 1960s. Colmenárez assumes the artwork as a device for playful and intellectual mediation, where sensibility and invention converge through participation understood as a ritualistic gesture. As a professor at the Experimental University of Vincennes for more than three decades, Colmenárez taught the chair of Contemporary Art, which he inherited from the renowned historian and critic Frank Popper. The interests of the time and the rise of art as an event come forth when looking at key works of his doing such as the Alphabet polysensoriel (1979). With this work, the artist sought to free the creative skills from inhibition at the time of learning to read, as well as to place audiences from different socio-cultural backgrounds in an equal position. In his works, the sketches of kinetic art merge with multisensory and experiential experimentation, and with the implementation of high technologies under the same premises of empirical quest that stem from art.