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Centro Rural de Arte

Artistic collective based in Argentina, working nomadically since 2008. CRA promotes artistic research that stresses the scope of languages and specific knowledge to test forms of relationship between different natures. Co-directed by María José Trucco and Elina Rodríguez, they create interdisciplinary operative platforms where people with diverse knowledge and backgrounds contribute through activities that propose different forms of exchange with communities: workshops, lectures, residencies, and various creative practices. They have developed projects together with public and private, national and international entities, and have been invited to participate in cultural management and development conferences in Argentina and abroad. Since 2021, they have been developing the Salado River Artistic Research together with scientists, neighboring populations, journalists, historians, artists, and environmental organizations. This research has been presented at Bienalsur (Buenos Aires, 2021), Segundas Intenciones (Plataforma Lodo, 2021), Encuentro Arte y Desindustrialización (Concepción Chile, 2022), 8th Muestra de Arte en Territorio (Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, 2022), 3rd Congreso Ribereño (Rosario, 2023), Arte y Activismo: University of Leeds and Gino Germani Institute (Buenos Aires, 2023), Bodies of Water, NGBK (Berlin, 2023).