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danie valencia sepúlveda

(Ayutla, Jalisco, Mexico, 1990) Herrorist, educator, researcher, cultural programmer, and independent translator. They initiated the Círculo Permanente de Estudios Independientes (CIPEI), a counter-pedagogical research platform that, among other projects, runs the ongoing de-formative course 'Menos Foucault, Más Shakira' [Less Foucault, More Shakira]. They were in charge of the public and pedagogical program of the international residency center ARAFURA (2021). They coordinate the Laboratory 'La Raza Cósmica, tecnologías de la blanquitud y archivos raciales dentro de la colonia' [The Cosmic Race, White Technologies and Racial Archives within the Colony] together with other 16 artists and researchers of the region. They have carried out artistic research and translation residencies in institutions such as the Centro de Arte Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid, Spain), CAPACETE (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and Translation House Looren (Switzerland), as well as in Salzburg within the Summer Academy 2021 program, coordinated by Cosmin Constinas and Inti Guerrero, in addition to the Materia Abierta 2021 summer program. Since 2020, they participate in the center for studies and research on subjectivity PUC-SP, coordinated by Suely Rolnik.