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Paulina Hunt Precht

(Mulchén, Chile, 1960) Actress, playwright, educator, and dramatherapist. Founder and creative director of the Oficina de Teatro Pedagógico. She has a degree in Performance Art from the University of Chile. Her work has focused on the creation of innovative methodologies, proposing the 'pedagogy of expression' as a result of her research and study. She orients her educational actions toward non-violence, reconciliation, women, and myths. She developed a type of social and pedagogical theater aimed at strengthening the culture of kind interactions, combining artistic creation and education. She teaches theater workshops for Buen Vivir [Good Living] and seminars on different topics of human and community development. She is an actress in theater, television, and cinema. Paulina is an Ambassador for Peace of the World Organization for Peace. She is director of the Diploma of Art, Personal Development and Shared Well-being of the SOMOS POLEN Foundation, president of the FECIL Foundation (Foundation for Education, Collaboration and Latin American Integration), director of the ANADRAS foundation, and founder of the Red de Arte Liberador [Liberating Art Network].