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Bárbara Pohlenz de Tavira

(Chiapas, Mexico, 1978) Stage artist, actress and researcher. She is pursuing a PhD in Latin American Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She holds a Master's degree in Theater and Living Arts from the National University of Colombia. She has a degree in Acting from La Casa del Teatro, Mexico. Bárbara has participated in several theater companies in Italy, Mexico, Central America and Colombia. For 8 years, she was part of the stable company of the Centro Dramático de Michoacán, México, a center for theatrical production and pedagogy aimed at providing access to cultural goods for vulnerable populations. She has collaborated as a consultant for community theater projects for various institutions in Mexico and Colombia, as well as with the Secretary of Culture of the Presidency in Guatemala and El Salvador, shaping artistic pedagogical processes for youth and children in territories of war and violence.