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Clara Melniczuk

(La Ciotat, France, 1991). Philosopher, researcher and professor. She is a PhD candidate in philosophy and a professor at the ArTeC research school of the Paris 8 University. Her research work is situated at the crossroad of postcolonial and decolonial philosophy, contemporary anthropology, and poetry. Her work is an assemblage of the concepts of "opacity" and "relation" of the Martinican poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant in relation to Amerindian perspectivism. Her work is an assemblage of Martinican poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant's concepts of ‘opacity’ and ‘relation’ in regard to Amerindian perspectivism. She is a member of the research laboratories ‘Pratiques et théories du sens’ and ‘Les Logiques Contemporaines de la Philosophie’ at Paris 8. She co-created the pedagogical innovation module "Schizo-Shamanic Alliances" for the ArTeC Master program and currently co-coordinates the international partnership between the Autonomous Intercultural Indigenous University (UAIIN-CRIC) in Colombia and Paris 8 in France. She recently has been a resident of La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris as part of the NOMASMETAFORAS collective. In 2022, she was invited to present her research-creation work in the context of ‘Les Ateliers de La Pensée’ in Dakar, Sénégal, and at ‘Agir pour le Vivant’ in Arles, France.