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(São Paulo, Brazil) Transdisciplinary artist with an interest in the body as a plastic material for artistic creation. He studied Body Arts Communication at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2006-2011) after training as an actor in the professionalization course of Teatro Escola Macunaíma (2000 – 2004). His research often involves collective work and understanding artistic practice as a way of being in the world. He co-created the shows Reino LGBT (2019), Zoo (2018 - 2020), Macaquinhos (2012 – 2019), and Preta (2012 – 2016). He co-founded Festa MEL (2014) and the artistic residency COMO_clube (2009 – 2014); co-created the children’s arts education programs Aula De Teatro para Crianças Na Casa 1 (2019), Canteirinho (2017 – 2018), and Gogóinhas (2012); and co-created the carnival blocks Vingança (2019), Bliiss (2017), Gran Coqueluche (2016), and Rufos Y Bufos (2015). Since 2018, he has been developing individual research and creating together with Agremiação LATIDOS. He also works as a manager and producer in independent and private spaces dedicated to the production of theater, dance, and visual arts.