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José Arispe

(La Paz, Bolivia, 1985) Visual artist, independent curator, dancer and filmmaker. He is currently a PhD student enrolled in the Contemporary Arts Studies Program at the Universidad Federal Fluminense (PPGCA/UFF) on a scholarship from CAPES in Brazil. He is a teacher in training in the subject of “Genealogy of the arts/Representation and Imaginary” at the same university. Curator of the Museo Nacional de Arte de Bolivia (2019-2021), head of contemporary art exhibitions and projects. He holds an MA from Contemporary Culture Studies from the Universidad Federal de Mato Grosso through the OEA Scholarship (2017-2018) and a BA in Film Direction from the Universidad Católica Boliviana (2009).  He also graduated from a Masters Degree in Critical Theory from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés – CIDES. Professor in the fields of art, film and history at the Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB), Escuela Militar de Ingeniería (EMI), Escuela de Artes Audiovisuales (ECA) and the Decolonial Studies in Art Program (PED-MNA).