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ruta 4 taller

(Pereira, Colombia, 2014) Architectural Collective. It emerges as a research space that moves across Latin American territories. They have embarked on a journey through communities, landscapes, travels, sites, questions, and affections that have accumulated as layers that permeate them—skins of experiences that nourish and alter the route of their daily endeavors. Through experimentation with materials, exploration of process, collective provocations, and emotional attachment to the built landscape, they develop strategies to turn space into the symbolic representation of a territory. Ruta 4 taller grounds its decisions on cultural, geographical, historical, and political correspondence with the place to be built. Departing from their base in Pereira, in their collective journey, they are interested in networking, articulating, connecting, and promoting an interest in architecture conceived from the poetic, the technical, and the humane. From there, they aim to expand the margins they inhabit to contrast the experience in space.