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Guillermo Canek García

(Cruz Azul Cooperative City, Hidalgo, Mexico, 1987) Editor, essayist, broadcaster, and artist with more than 15 years of experience. He has developed a series of projects focused on a political reading of the present through aesthetics and theory. Guillermo García is curator of MUAC's academic program ‘Campus Expandido.’ He is co-editor of LUCA, an editorial platform and space for free exploration, together with Nadia Baram. He was curator and host of the 2020 cycle of SAMA. Sesiones de escucha sostenida, and of Icanitoa. Murmurar de los ausentes, in 2021, both broadcasted on Casa del Lago's digital channels. He was editor of La Tempestad magazine between 2010 and 2020. He has created the workshops El cuerpo en El capital, Spinoza contra el terror, and Canetti y los niños. He has collaborated with publications such as Art & Education (from e-flux & Artforum), Revista de la UNAM, Lobo Suelto!, Icónica, La Diaria, and GQ.