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José Luis Macas Paredes

(Quito, Ecuador, 1983) Visual artist, professor, and researcher. He teaches at the Department of Visual Arts of the Catholic University of Ecuador. He holds a Master of Arts in Public Space and Multimedia from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Belgium. He is a member of the sound performance collective 0°1533, a collaborator to the Sumakruray artist collective, and coordinator of the Chawpi creative lab, a cultural space located in Quito. His research revolves around memory and poetics in the construction of landscapes and their relationship with identity, setting out from geographical, astronomical, and cultural singularities, integrating ancestral and historical indigenous knowledge with contemporary art strategies. His work has been awarded recognitions such as the first prize of the 10th SIART Biennial (Bolivia, 2018) and the Wytsman (2010) and Pappaerts (2011) awards of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels.