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DIADIA Arquitectura

(Lima, Peru, 2016) Architecture studio co-directed by Carmen Omonte Miraval and Michele Albanelli. DIADIA Arquitectura ‘architecture for everyday life’ develops a spatial practice committed to articulating integral design processes that celebrate participation, diversity, and encounters, recognizing the specificities of cultural and environmental contexts. DIADIA builds its social and environmental commitment through architecture and design projects that celebrate the patterns of the everyday. They also work from a deep interest in research and the construction of the tangible and symbolic-cultural character of architecture to build communities. DIADIA has carried out projects of diverse scales to reflect on learning spaces, such as "Caracolito" Portable Classroom with Safe Experience Toolkit, sensitive in emergency contexts; "Yakuwawa" Affective Interaction Spaces for Early Childhood and Nature in the Magic Water Circuit of Lima; "Escuela Bicentenario" modular schools for the Sierra Region, as part of the team Escuela Territorio; the Preliminary Architectural Design of the Universidad Científica del Norte (with Plan A0100) and "AAAAAA" (Aula de Arcos entre Amazonas y el Agua como Andamio para el Aprendizaje) in Espacios Revelados Lima, 2022, among others.