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Marina Guzzo

(Campinas, SP, Brasil, 1978) Artist, researcher and professor. She is an associate professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) at Baixada Santista Campus and a researcher at the Body and Art Laboratory of the Institute of Health and Society. As an artist and researcher, Marina focuses on the interface of body and landscape, mixing dance, performance and circus by tensioning the limits of subjectivity between cities and nature. Since 2011, her research revolves around the climate crisis and the role of the artist in producing imagery for a decaying world in the Anthropocene. She works in partnerships with health, cultural, and social assistance facilities, thinking of art as a political action that weaves a complex interspecies network of people, institutions, objects, plants, animals, fungi, and landscapes. She holds a post-doctorate degree from the Department of Performing Arts at ECA-USP and a master’s and doctorate in Social Psychology from PUC-SP.