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Alex Brahim

(Cucuta, Colombia, 1977) Independent curator and director of cultural projects. He directs Fundación El Pilar, the main entity behind the international project 'Juntos Aparte - Encuentro Internacional de Arte, Pensamiento y Fronteras,' carried out since 2017 in the city of Cucuta. His work encompasses theory, production, programming, communication, and cultural activation. He co-directs, together with marketing expert Tania Brett, the DIBINa platform, an independent node for artistic project management and relational communication. He regularly develops commissioned and independent programs and exhibitions, collaborates with various media and gives talks at several art centers and universities. He has curated: Critical Botox (Bucarest, Romania, 2012); ClaResil 2012mg (La Capella, Barcelona, Spain, 2012); the cycles Interferències (Terrassa, 2012) and Audiencias cardinales (Espai Cultural Caja Madrid at Barcelona, 2011); CUVO (Matadero, Madrid, Spain, 2010); Capilars 0.0 (Museu de L’Empordà), among others.